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granite counters

The process of getting a quote, selecting your material and having your new countertop installed:

1) Getting a Quote:

  • a. Sketch a rough diagram of your kitchen layout. Using a measuring tape, measure in inches all around the parameter of the countertop or any surface that you would like to get a quote on.

  • b. Indicate the approximate location of any required cut-outs for undermount or drop-in sinks, drop-in cooktops, etc.

  • c. Also, indicate where your walls are and where your open edges will be. (Keep in mind that you also have the option of putting backsplash where your walls are.)

2. Stone Selection:

  • a. Granite: A natural stone that comes in many colours and patterns, granite is a very dense stone offering high durability. Its affordability & natural beauty make it’s an ideal choice for Kitchen and even outdoor BBQ countertops.

  • b. Marble:
    A unique stone that usually comes in earth tones, offers a warmth that cannot be matched with any other stones. Although not recommended for usage in kitchens, it is very popular in bathroom vanity tops, coffee tables, and fireplace surrounds. Marble is as affordable as granite, but will require constant maintenance, as it stains easily due to its porosity.

  • c. Quartz:
    If you are looking for low maintenance and exceptional quality, Quartz might be a better choice your counter surface. It is a man-made material that is non-porous, scratch resistant and highly resistant to stains. It does not need extra sealing and is almost maintenance free. More ideal for indoor usage, Quartz outperforms Granite and Marble when it comes to strength and resilience.

granite countertop

granite countertop

3. Choosing the Edging Profile:

  • Choose an edging profile that would best fit your decor. Edgings can be clean and modern or slightly more detailed and classic.

4. Final Templating/Measurement:

  • Once you have selected your slabs and all details have been finalized, our qualified templater will visit your home to take a physical cardboard cutout that will be the exact shape and size of your finished countertop. A template can be done if you have new cabinetry or have removed your existing old countertop. If you have existing countertop, the templater will take an accurate measurement instead.

5. Installation:

  • With the slabs in stock and the template in hand, it will take us 7-10 business days to cut, polish and finally install your new countertop in your home.

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